Some shows we’ve played:

see videos!

SHFL w Padlock, Moley, Foreign Policy, and From the Skies, scorcher! 6/1/24

Acadia with Ash on Ivywood and Violawilde, sweet! 3/15/24

Bull and Bear Westheimer full acoustic, was rad! 5/24/23

Screw you covid for ruining 2020, 2021, and 2022

Dan Electro’s 500 Megatons of Boogie, Screech of Death great show!  Oct. 12, 1019

Bad Samaritans, Michael Kennedy and the Vendetta, Smashed Idols Dan Electro’s!  Sept. 6, 2019

w/Hound Dog Revival Texas Rose Saloon Aug 10th, 2019!

w/Piss Poor and American Psychos at Vollie Ray’s Circus July 26th

Smashed Idols club Revolution Bryan College Station July 6th, 2019!

Reverb Cartel and Smashed Idols Jun 29th 19th Hole!

Mad Martin Metal Show May 8, 2019

Resolutions Regrets show at Rudyards, American Psychos, John Wayne is Dead, South Coast Ghost awesome! Jan 19th, 2019

Nov 30th at Rudyards with Bayou Vimana and Die Fast! Great show!

At 19th Hole w 3 Exits to Hattiesburg on Dec 22, 2018 end of year!

Nov 3 with Luna Lunacy and Silenced Within at Vollie Rays Circus, cool band and venue!

Oct. 19th 2018 at FITZGERALDS with LOS SKARNALES, Kiko, Wasted Tones, DJ Ruido, bad ass show!!!

Rudyards with Nelsons and Two Dollar Pistol, I say daaayam!  Sept 21, 2018

White Swan with Piss Poor and Chainsaw Lipstick hot damn! Sep. 8 2018

PDB, Screech of Death, Zeroheros, Smashed Idols at Rudyards I say daaaaaaaaayam all ripped it!!!!!!!!!! #legendary Aug 3 2018 for <3 Pops!

Punk vs Alt Punk at BFE with PRP, Piss Poor, American Psychos, Run Program all tasty! July 13th ’18 BFE

The Schisms/American Psychos/The Smashed Idols/Hostile Redemption at 19th Hole, slammin! June 30,2018 fireworks!

Show with Interfate, bad ass band from Arizona on tour- Punkstar Radio Show! June 37th, 2018

May 19th at the 19th Hole with Lucky Odds from San Antonio great rockabilly band!

with Downfall 2012 at Acadia! Great show! April, 2018

Smashed Idols at 19th Hole Mar. 3 with Texas Mod Crushers and Bad Samaritans great show!
With MNKR and Samus Davis JR. at Notsuoh, fantastic! Feb 23rd, 2018
Run Program, Westfield, and Smashed Idols at the 19th Hole January 13th, 2018!
Show rocked your body rock!

Swan Stampede at the White Swan Dec. 16th with Prettybads, Nelsons, Broke Off, cool!

Hacksaw Man, Smashed Idols, Bad Standup at Notsuoh Nov 25th, bad ass show, we love you Easy Credit Group!

Ese * Smashed Idols * Baron Von Bomblast * Takedown at Dan Electro’s Saturday November 11th slammin!

Hurricane Recovery show at Concert Pub North, show rocked! We love you Concert Pub!

JULY 8th WE Are The Asteroid / Supergrave / The Smashed Idols  at Rudyard’s  show was out of this world!

Wrong Results – The Smashed Idols – Carter – Piss Poor at 19th Hole, May 19th!

Kemo for Emo, Smashed Idols, Real McCoys April 8th at The White Swan, five bux, six bad ass bands, ripped it up!

Saturday March 11th At 19th Hole with touring band 3 Kisses it’s The Smashed Idols, Chaotic Justice, and Luna Lunacy!

The GIG club in Beaumont Friday Jan. 20th! Celebrating the lovely Rana’s birthday!! Come as your favorite dead idol! Dead or alive!  A killer show!

Friday December 16th at the Last Concert Cafe:  Benefit for the Houston Food Bank with Black Kennedy, Cerveza Road, and Unknown Brothers!

November 26th at the legendary Notsuoh! with the Dimaggios, Heapin Helpin, and Vanessa Silberman!

The Smashed Idols played Saturday, October 15 at 9 PM
With Black Kennedy and Jim and the Band in a Box at Sports Bar, slammin show!!!

Saturday September 17th at the Satellite Bar with punk legends the Bad Samaritans and Screech of Death! Bands rocked!!!

Saturday August 27, 2016 Rock the Cause benefit for The Periwinkle Foundation at BFE with Crank Case and The Freak Outs! Auction and more!  Awesome show, an honor, and a great cause!

Sat Aug. 6 the 3 BAD KATS SHOW in Houston, Tx. with Silenced Within (acoustic) and The Hammer Party! Slammin!

Saturday July 30, 2016    Rainchild, Recreating Eden, Rain on the Aftermath, The Smashed Idols  at Acadia   tasty!

Saturday July 9th, 2016 at the Hellcat Cafe in Houston, Tx. with Luna Lunacy and Hammer Party who rocked the house!!!

Friday June 24, 2o16 with Luna Lunacy, Cerveza Rd., Chaotic Justice at THE BFE ROCK CLUB

the house was rockin!

Saturday  Jun 4, 2016 @ 830/9pm    Winter’s End,  Chaotic Justice, The Smashed Idols at 19th Hole, this show rocked!

Dan Electro’s May 21, 2016 w/ Luna Lunacy, Key Flight Captains.. great bands, we love you Dan Electro’s!